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ASCA (After-School Care Affordability Projects)


Empowering youth so money isn’t an issue


In 2017, Learning Park would like to shift its efforts locally to help to empower youth within the Bellevue area. Despite the apparent prosperity, many parents still cannot afford after-school care or adequate child tutoring classes. After-school care can cost an upwards of $120 a month for one child, once a week. If a child was to attend a facility multiple times a week the price can easily surpass $1,000. Money stands in the way of many children receiving the opportunity to attend an educational and safe environment while parents are busy at work. 

To tackle this issue, I’ve created an affordable solution. Our project, The After-School Care Affordability Project, will be aimed at reinventing the after-school care process. Instead of paying for each visit, parents will pay one low rate every month for unlimited access to our facility. For example, Parent A may pay $100 at the beginning of the month and will have the freedom to drop their child off at our facility at anytime during open hours. We will also have education curriculum offered, with an emphasis on math (abacus) and homework help. Parents will also be able to see our selection of classes offered and can tailor their drop off time to a specific course. (Homework help will be offered all throughout the day) 

The price for our service is dependent on the amount of funding we get for our project, however, we are looking to keep the monthly payment to less than $120. Our ultimate goal is to become a free after-school care location, but we are in the foundational stages of reaching this vision. 

The grant will help to cover initial salary payments for specialty teachers (ie: Math, Abacus, English, Art, Music, Japanese etc). However, the other staff members will consist of volunteers, especially youth volunteers. This idea was founded by the youth leadership board within our organization looking for ways to subsidies tuition costs for parents in their community. 

Our project will serve multiple groups of people. We are hoping to bring in low-income families as well as the Asian community. We are looking to target children from age 4-12. On the other hand, we will also provide exceptional volunteer opportunities for youth in our community. Students aged 16 and up will have the chance to gain valuable teaching experiences through our project and this experience can be used to strengthen their resumes.

In order to measure the success of our project, we will continually track our numbers of customers and satisfaction with our services. We are hoping to steadily increase in customers as well as youth volunteers. We will also be analyzing our customer acquisition costs as we are hoping to also use a portion of the grant for our marketing efforts. We will market online, reach out to local schools, and create fliers. As parents sign up for our service, we will ask how they were referred to our service, allowing us to tailor our marketing efforts based on success of each medium. 
One volunteer opportunity would be the chance to join us during our project hours. Volunteers can help with homework help, watching the play area, or even run a class if they have a specialty in a specific subject. Both can be tailored to fit the schedule and desired level of commitment of the volunteer.




Japanese cultural mini event

We will have 1 1/2 hour to 2 hours mini cultural event on Saturdays from 1:30.

Everyone can join to have fun and learn Japanese culture with us. We will update our annual event schedule soon!!

Please visit us for pictures and more info

Monthly Program schedule : Jan-May

Monthly Program schedule : Jun-Oct

Monthly Program schedule : Nov-Dec

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International cultural program 


Online Japanese study

Our online study course can provide flexible and private lessons to meet your own schedule and goals.

You can become fluent in Japanese with learning comfortably in 1 on 1 classes on Skype at home or wherever, from your laptop or cellphone.

50 minutes class for $20 each and 10 classes in one session.

We will have a pre-class meeting to determine your level and goals. (we can set it up with Skype as well)

Our staff will send an email after each class to confirm your progress and homework.